My name is Jenn and I have a bad movie problem. I love bad movies. LOVE them. I have several definitions of bad, but it all comes down to “bad on purpose” and “bad by accident”. I will watch it if: it can be described as science fiction, fantasy, or horror (Sometimes I will watch action comedy but these are less likely.) it is described as a mystery or thriller and a serial killer is mentioned in the description. it has less than three stars on Netflix the cast includes Ron Perlman, Rutger Hauer, Henry Rollins, Bill Mosely, Bruce Campbell, Clancy Brown or Malcolm McDowell Lovecraft, Cthulu or Dragons are mentioned in the title, tag line or box art.

Slender Man


The only thing frightening about this movie was the fact that I am 30 years older than the main characters. Follow us to see what we sit through next!

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The Basement

IMDB link: Starring: A bunch of people I’m not familiar with. Review: This film was surprisingly good in many ways. Definitely potential here for everyone involved. It’s obviously low budget but the acting wasn’t bad and the

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The Blood Harvest

IMDB link: Starring: Some parkour guy. Review: Like 50% of this movie gets the coveted “Not crap” rating. Maybe even 75%. The rest is bringing it down to “kinda crap”. Because seriously, they had my full attention.

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The Spiritualist

IMDB link: Starring: Major Iceborg from the Fifth Element and a bunch of people from Season 4 of Bosch Review: It started out SO WELL. It was subtle and creepy. The Spiritualist herself was well written. I

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IMDB link: Starring: A bunch of Bulgarians and some dude from Eastern MA that has been in several movies I need to review. Review: Roseville was better than expected, but not quite good enough to stay off

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The Visit

IMDB link: Starring: Two character actors you are bound to recognize, Peter McRobbie & Deanna Dunagan. They have both been in all thing tv shows at least once. Review: I have exactly the same

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