Beyond the Black Rainbow

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Starring: People who had debts to pay.

Review in a nutshell: Some guy who wants to be Guillermo del Toro decided to make an 80’s horror movie but not in the good Robert Rodriguez Planet Terror way. It looks like a shitty 80’s movie. It SOUNDS like a shitty 80’s movie. So from that perspective the production design was spot on. If I hadn’t known it was from 2010 I would have thought this was an actual movie from the 80’s. But it is lacking any redeemable value. I seriously have no idea what happened in this movie. I paid attention. Really I did! All I can say for sure is drugs are bad for you.

Where I found it: Xbox Video

How much I paid for it: 300ish Xbox points & 110 minutes of my sanity

Points of interest: The creepy dude’s performance is mesmerizing. SO MANY FACIAL TICKS!

The Money Shot: When the psychic mutant zombie thing in a straight jacket starts angrily licking the glass door to his cell to get to our heroine.

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