Alternate Title: Roughly translate to “The Healer” in English.

IMDB link:

Starring: Robert Rodriguez’s twisted brain and a bunch of actors I’ve never heard of.

Review in a nutshell: I love Robert Rodriguez. LOVE HIM. He has made some of my favorite “bad on purpose” movies ever. This wasn’t one of them. Probably because he wrote this and didn’t direct it. I am pretty sure the director is related to Mr, Rodriguez AND a fan of Rob Zombie. It was a little… no wait. I take that back. It was very over the top with the gross outs. As the hero starts having visions he cut more and more gross out clips into seemingly random scenes. There’s a point to it (I think) but it didn’t work for me. Basically the plot of this movie is Sixth Sense meets The Exorcist, with a huge helping of unnecessary blood and entrails. I still found it interesting to watch. I think that’s because all the stuff about superstition, psychology and the healer’s practices were a nice change from the Christian mythology Hollywood is addicted to.

Where I found it: Xbox Live

How much I paid for it: 300ish Xbox points

Points of interest: Our hero carries around eggs in his pockets to perform purifications but the only ones that get accidentally broken explode right in the carton Ghostbuster’s style.

The Money Shot: One of the visions is of the love interest eating cockroaches when she’s really eating steak. She puts one in her mouth and there’s a distinct crunch as she bites down.

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