Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1013860/

Starring: Brandon Routh aka Christopher Reeves’ clone, Taye Diggs, Sam Huntington & Peter Stormare

Review in a nutshell: This movie is a CLASSIC of western cinema.

Well, only when you compare it to the other movies I watch. But if you enjoy silly horror action movies, turn this shit on right now.

This is a film noir comedy with vampire, werewolves and zombies. How can you go wrong? It doesn’t take itself seriously and for that it wins my coveted “Not Crap” rating. I’ve seen this movie a hundred times and put it on again last night for a friend who hadn’t seen it. I’ll probably have it on as background noise sometime in the next month.

So the basic plot is that a Dylan Dog (played by Brandon Routh) is a PI who used to specialize in policing the supernatural creatures in New Orleans. He comes out of retirement when a friend (not a woman) gets murdered by something with sharp pointed teeth. He ends up taking a case from a woman whose father was murdered by the same teeth to get revenge for his friend.

Honestly, this movie would have been an amazing pilot for a TV series. It sets up the characters and the world from the comic book it is based on, and the end leaves room for more. Alas, I think it barely made it to the screen before becoming a permanent resident on Netflix instant.

I highly recommend that anyone who considers themselves a comic book geek or gamer see this at least once.

Where I found it: My husband and I actually saw the trailer on Youtube back before it was released and it reminded us of another movie we love: Cast a Deadly Spell. It never came to a local theater so we watched it the night it hit pay-per-view.

How much I paid for it: Probably $5 for the first viewing. I can’t tell you how many minutes I’ve spent on this movie. There are lots and lots.

Points of interest: Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington played Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen together in Superman Returns four years before this came out.

My Favorite Line: Zombie Power bitch!

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