Man of Steel

DISCLAIMER: I left this movie early because the 15 year old I mentor was so bored she started nodding off and asked to leave. I didn’t make her ask twice. I have found spoilers that have confirmed that I missed nothing of importance.

IMDB link:

Starring: A 50/50 split of people who can and can’t act.

Review in a nutshell: Let’s start with a compliment. Or two.

Some of the design choices in this movie were brilliant. For the most part it LOOKED amazing.

Some of the casting choices were very cool. Lawrence Fishburn as Perry made me VERY happy.

Some of the updates to the story were long overdue. Lois knowing Superman’s identity from the start was a nice change.

AND…. yeah I’m done.

I’m not enough of a comic book geek to really explain how wrong they got this movie. What I can tell you is this: Man of Steel is a movie about a young Superman with anger management issues. Someone got their Hulk in my Superman movie.

More importantly I was bored. This movie was not good enough to distract me from the fact that it’s an formulaic and predictable. I can tell you the basic plot of any superhero movie before I see it, and a pretty accurate guess at the ending. A good Superhero movie keeps me entertained and distracted from that fact. Man of Steel felt rushed, even forced at times. I couldn’t get past some of the terrible acting, and Amy Adams should really stick to movies with Muppets in them.

Where I found it: The Big Screen

How much I paid for it: Matinee prices

Points of interest: The design work for Krypton and Kryptonian technology looks like liquid steel and occasionally resembles those toys with the nails that you put your hand on to make a raise impression.

The Money Shot: It’s has gotta be the bully’s truck impaled on a telephone pole.

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