Perkins’ 14

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Starring: The lead singer of The Misfits from 1997 and 2001. Yes really. No not Danzig, the other guy. I haven’t heard of anyone else in the cast.


I’m so tired of zombie movies. And in many ways, THIS is not a zombie movie.

It is a zombie movie in all the ways that zombie movies are about people shaped monsters killing people is extreme and gross ways.

Is is not a zombie movie in the one way that makes zombies frightening to me. They’re not contagious.

Basically after being tortured and drugged up for a decade a bunch of teenagers find freedom and kill everyone they see. And eat them. Sometimes.

My biggest problem with this movie is that while yes there were 14 of them… and yes they were doped up on PCP and all kind of crap.. bullets are still bullets. And shot guns are still shot guns. Take out the regeneration and the contagiousness of a zombie plaque and eventually we’ve got a pile of 14 bodies surrounded by a LOT of shell casings.

And seriously, a town in rural Maine where a handful civilians aren’t out there shooting at zombies themselves? LEAST BELIEVABLE PART OF PLOT.

Where I found it: HBO Online via my Roku

How much I paid for it: 1.99.. well not really, but I did pay 1.99 for extra lives in the game I was playing on my phone while trying to the 95 minute mark.

The Money Shot: If the kidnapped kid turned zombie didn’t snap his own father’s neck after the infinitely long “happy childhood memories” montage I was gonna be sad. I was not sad. Bored. But not sad.

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Lovecraft, Cthulu or Dragons are mentioned in the title, tag line or box art.
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