Pootie Tang

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0258038/

Starring: All of Louis C.K. and Chris Rock’s friends. And Robert Vaughn is the villain.

Review in a nutshell: I seriously have no idea how to explain this one. It’s a comedy. It’s intended to be a comedy. Comedians got together and made it, and I do laugh at parts of it. BUT just because it’s funny ON PURPOSE does not make this a good movie. Parts of it are just painful. That doesn’t stop my husband from howling with laughter while I cringe and shake my head. There is nothing intellectual about this script. You might make an argument that they were trying to make a statement about race relations and capitalism in the US. If you do I will smack the crap out of you. (My husband has informed me I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. We’re agreeing to disagree on this one.)

Where I found it: HBO

How much I paid for it: zilch

Points of interest: Louis C.K. (a white guy) wrote and directed this. I had always assumed Chris Rock (a black guy) did, but IMDB says I was wrong. This is what I get for practicing racial profiling.

The Money Shot: David Cross in black face.

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I will watch it if:

it can be described as science fiction, fantasy, or horror (Sometimes I will watch action comedy but these are less likely.)
it is described as a mystery or thriller and a serial killer is mentioned in the description.
it has less than three stars on Netflix
the cast includes Ron Perlman, Rutger Hauer, Henry Rollins, Bill Mosely, Bruce Campbell, Clancy Brown or Malcolm McDowell
Lovecraft, Cthulu or Dragons are mentioned in the title, tag line or box art.
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