The Girl in the Photographs

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Starring: Kal “Motherfucking” Penn

Review: Netflix seems to think this movie is about a small town girl getting stalked by a deranged photographer. Netflix is wrong.

This movie is about Kal Penn’s character, Peter, a middle aged photographer who finds out there is a serial killer leaving photographs of dead girls around his home town. Specifically for one girl to find.

Peter is a sarcastic, cynical bastard who hasn’t felt inspired in years. He decides to drag his PA, girlfriend and two models back home to find the object of crazy photographer’s desire – townie girl. He’s the only one besides the townie girl to realize that something is very wrong with the person taking the pics. One of my big beefs with horror movies is that no one in them has ever seen a horror movie or thriller. Peter tho, Peter has seen Silence of the Lambs and know this shit ain’t right.

I’m actually impressed enough with all the parts when Kal is on screen that I’ve decided not to spoil it. In many ways the movie’s ending spoils itself by reverting back to a standard horror movie formula. Honestly the rest of the movie falls flat.

Where I found it: Netflix

How much I paid for it: 1 hr, 35 minutes

Points of interest: Wes Craven’s last film as executive producer, which explains how they got Kal Penn.

The Money Shot: The whole scene where they introduce Penn’s character Peter is just gold.

My Favorite Line: Did she just say “Fuck me like a Walrus?”

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Lovecraft, Cthulu or Dragons are mentioned in the title, tag line or box art.
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