The Innkeepers

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Starring: Kelly McGillis and 2 actors that look familiar but I’ll probably never see again.

Review in a nutshell: This movie was slooooooooooooooooooooooow with very little in the way of ghosts until the end. And then too much too fast with an extremely unsatisfying ending. In general I like the idea of a scary comedy where two employees at a hotel try to find evidence of a haunting, and get more than they want. But I wanted more laughs and more scary, and for it to be balanced out.

Where I found it: Netflix

How much I paid for it: 101 minutes of my life

Points of interest: The film takes place in a hotel with the same name as the hotel it was shot in, which may or may not be haunted. I didn’t care enough to research it further.

The Money Shot: Of all the scares in the movie my favorite one is at the beginning, where the guy shows his coworker one those fake ghost videos where you stare at it waiting for something to happen and a zombie pops up and scares the crap out of you.

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