Our Crappy Rating System

On the right hand side of every page you’ll see a menu with the title: How Bad Was It?

As I write reviews I decide what level of crap the movie was and assign it to that category. Here are the possible ratings, going from the most awful to the least.

Epic Crap: These movies are so awful I can’t stop talking about them. I will make fun of this movie until I die. Possibly even afterwards.

There is also a good chance I will try to trick other people into watching thes movies in this category so they can feel my pain.

Total Crap: So terrible that I might want to stab myself in the eye with a fork rather than watch it again but not memorable enough to be epic crap.

Mostly Crap: This movie is bad, but something about it amused me. So I didn’t completely hate it, but I’d never claim to like it.

Kinda Crap: This movie is bad, but I enjoyed most of it despite it’s badness. Possibly it was made well but something disappointed me about it, like a lame ending or shoddy research. It might also be a low budget movie that did the best with what it had.

Not Crap: Sure this movie was bad but I loved every minute of it and will watch it at the drop of a hat because I love it so.

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