Kat, Jenn & Sid Haig
at Scare-A-Con NE, 2017

I Watched It On Purpose is a team of lunatics and weirdos that have Herculian ability to sit through movies like Manos the Hands of Fate BEFORE Mystery Science Theater 3000 was even a glimmer in Joel’s eye.

The Head Glutton for Punishment is Jenn. She is the Jenn from Valkyrie Apparel & Strange Child Productions. As one, she sell plus size clothing for goths, punks, gamers, etc. As the other she makes websites and help strange & unusual business owners market their wares.

Jenn’s Co-Glutton is Kat, of Nox Felis Designs. Many of the products in her Etsy store are created during a 1 star movie with tons of gore. Kat makes jewelry and cat toys and appointments for new horror movie inspired tattoos. (You can only buy the first two at her Etsy store…)

Other Gluttons!

Jim has sacrificed many sanity points watching movies but still has enough left to write more reviews.

Dave is a man who knows that a deal on cheap monkeys is more trouble than it is worth. Once he recovers from this lesson we’re sure to have more reviews from him.

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