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Starring: James Cosmo and some kid doing an Elijah Wood as Frodo impression.

Review in a nutshell: With a name like Citadel I wanted this to be an urban fairy tale. And for the most part it was. But in truth it was about feral mutant inbred crack babies who decided that stealing and mutating children was preferable to incest. And yes, the movie does say that they are mutants with an unidentified infection that interbred at some point. They also have a “nursery” of children that are still in the process of mutating. Oh, and they can see fear and if you’re really scared all the time your baby will make a better recruit. Or something.

Where I found it: Xbox Video

How much I paid for it: 300ish xbox points / 84 minutes of my life

Points of interest: James Cosmo is one bad ass renegade priest. At one point he tears his collar off before saying “fuck” a few more times.

The Money Shot: If there was one I missed it because of all the crappy lighting to save money on effects.

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