Half Light

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412798/

Starring: Demi Moore, James Cosmo (again!) and a ton of authentic British accents

Review in a nutshell: Here’s the good news. Demi Moore is playing an AMERICAN author and I wasn’t stuck listening to her terrible accent the whole time. The bad news is that this is a slow predictable movie that’s been made a million times. Husband is having an affair with the best friend and is so jealous of his wife’s success they plot to kill her and make it look like suicide. They do this 8 months after her son dies but decide that’s not enough of a reason for her to be depressed. So they hire an actor to play a ghost and seduce her. THEN they try to kill her but the REAL ghosts save her.

Where I found it: Netflix

How much I paid for it: 110 minutes

Points of interest: IMDB says they were going to film in Canada but it was too cold, so they moved to Wales. Really.

The Money Shot: At the end Demi’s character wakes up and her husband says “And you thought I didn’t have any imagination.” I believe the next line was cut out. She should have yelled “I still don’t if THIS is what you call ORIGINAL.”

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I will watch it if:

it can be described as science fiction, fantasy, or horror (Sometimes I will watch action comedy but these are less likely.)
it is described as a mystery or thriller and a serial killer is mentioned in the description.
it has less than three stars on Netflix
the cast includes Ron Perlman, Rutger Hauer, Henry Rollins, Bill Mosely, Bruce Campbell, Clancy Brown or Malcolm McDowell
Lovecraft, Cthulu or Dragons are mentioned in the title, tag line or box art.
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