Dead Alive

Alternate Title: A Mother’s Love

IMDB link:

Starring: Timothy Balme, Diane Penalver and Elizabeth Moody

Review: Mother doesn’t always know best, especially when she’s a bitch… and dead…

Before Peter Jackson directed The Lord of the Rings movies he made a romantic movie (with zombies) called Dead Alive, also filmed in New Zealand.

Released in 1992, and also known as Brain Dead, Dead Alive is a fun movie about a man and his dedication to his mother… even after she has died. Not for the faint of heart, which is why I loved it. But also… don’t expect it to be completely serious. This movie lead the way for movies like Shaun of the Dead and Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and proved that zombies can be hilarious.

The movie has romance, gore, zombies, evil monkeys and a lot more!

If you haven’t already, go watch it.

Where I found it: You can watch it for free on Youtube but I originally watched it on VHS.

How much I paid for it: I believe around $10 years ago, I have owned it for a long time so at this point & several minutes of my time since I have watched it many times.

Points of interest: The 4th film Peter Jackson ever directed.

The movie is said to be the bloodiest of all time (measured in amount of film blood used during the production).

The rental in Sweden (and probably other countries as well) came with supplemental vomit bags.

Peter Jackson makes a cameo in the film, as the undertaker’s assistant.

My Favorite Line: “I kick ass for the lord!”

The Money Shot: Zombie sex

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