The Visit

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Starring: Two character actors you are bound to recognize, Peter McRobbie & Deanna Dunagan. They have both been in all thing tv shows at least once.

Review: I have exactly the same problem with the movie as I did with Shyamalan’s Signs. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. I genuinely think The Visit would have worked best as a comedy, which according to IMDB was one of the options. Shyamalan did three cuts, horror, comedy and then a little of both. Unfortunately I didn’t feel like they blended enough to be successful.

The comedy is what saves this movie. The horror is generic and predictable. I don’t require a HUGE TWIST ENDING from all of Shyamalan’s films, but I was hoping for something a little more interesting.

Oh and the found footage aspect didn’t do anything for the film. It was so bland I barely felt like I was watching a found footage movie – which is my preference to “shaky cam”… but that makes it seem even more gimmicky to me.

Where I found it: HBO

How much I paid for it: 94 minutes

My Favorite Line: Holy Mother of Sarah McLachlan!

The Money Shot: After shoving cookies into her face and getting covered in powdered sugar, Nana rolls the dice. After staring at them for a moment she silently throws her arms up in triumph. After another dramatic pause she turns to the camera and yells “YAHTZEE!”

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