IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2960930/

Starring: Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Gil Bellows, many others

Review: A young woman is asked to take realty photos of her family’s soon-to-be-sold vacation cabin. Her boyfriend invites several of their friends along. Aliens invade, survivalist pot-growing conspiracy theorists give exposition, and a whole bunch of blood is spilled.

I’m rating this one “Not Crap” – it’s bad, but it’s not crap.

For a movie that focuses so much on typical 20-something behaviors like weekend parties at family cabins, random roman candles, booze, and drugs, there is (surprisingly) no nudity in this film. That actually serves to make it more believable, honestly, as a lot of films of this caliber use nudity to pad up their lack of characterization. In this case, the actors are actually pretty good – not great, but pretty good. They deliver their lines believably, their emotions are carried through quite well, and there’s a scene near the end between two of the female characters that is touching and a little heartbreaking in its delivery.

The SFX are the winners on this movie, though. They’re just this side of understated – clear FX shots do abound, but they don’t predominate. The aliens are not seen clearly for most of the film, and some of the uses of the FX are actually pretty subtle – the video footage that Sheriff Murphy slow-mo’s through in order to confirm he really did see what he thought he saw, for instance, is done very well, and without a lot of the “perfect zoomed frame” syndrome we see in a lot of movies.

There are moments that I question in the film. How the paranoiac pot farming mountain man knows so much about “The Inner Circle” of the Alien/Government coverup. And why he’s actually 100% correct (as we later find out). Those are quibbles. I do not understand the need for yet another pointless probing scene, but apparently those are de rigeur these days.

Where I found it: Once again, Netflix.

How much I paid for it: 101 minutes. They’re like Dalmatians, but no one makes coats out of them. Mmm. Time coats.

Points of interest: A Vicious Brothers film, with a few call backs to at least one of their other films hidden throughout like easter eggs.

The Money Shot: He’s only mostly ‘armless.

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