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Starring: A bunch of Bulgarians and some dude from Eastern MA that has been in several movies I need to review.

Review: Roseville was better than expected, but not quite good enough to stay off this site.

Because we need to talk about how they handled the American actor speaking Bulgarian. In that, they didn’t. He spoke English. The character says at one point he understands the language but finds it difficult to speak. I’m curious to know if that was in the script or added after they heard his accent.

Now, on the plus side, his character is from Boston and the actor is from Plymouth and yet he does not SOUND it. Although I bet sure he has those “from southie when angry moments”. So who knows.

Also, his character is a stereotypical annoying American who is really pushy and takes nothing seriously and um… yeah the writers pretty much nailed it.

So in short, it needs better lighting but it was definitely creepy. No convoluted explanations that ruin everything. Worth a watch once. But I wouldn’t say no to a version with a southie accent dubbed in…

Where I found it: Amazon Prime

How much I paid for it: I stayed up way later than I should have to find out what happens. For a 120 minute movie my body started telling me to sleep halfway through but I NEEDED TO KNOW.

Points of interest:

  • NOT based on a real story.
  • The FIRST Bulgarian psychological thriller.

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