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Starring: Clive Owen

Review in a nutshell: My opinion of this movie is mixed, but it mostly lands in a great big pile of crap. It’s your typical suppressed memory ghost story except that the ghost is attacking his killer’s child because… reasons.

See, while the daughter is climbing a tree she finds a box with an old piece of paper in it. On the paper is a story about a monster named Hollowface written by a boy in Spain. Turns out dad (Clive Owen) is the boy and daughter unleashes the ghost when she reads the story.

OR maybe the stress in dad’s life makes him start having flashbacks about the time he was attacked by his father. Then for some reason his daughter starts sharing in dad’s PTSD hallucinations. Even the movie isn’t sure which of these two plots it wants to have.

It takes forever for the director to clarify if the flashbacks are indeed flashbacks and not some weird psychic bond the kids are having. I was so confused I was convinced the boy in Spain was Clive’s illegitimate kid, and his angst about being dadless was causing him to use the psychic connection to his sister to beat her up. Or something. Sure there was the old note in the tree but we don’t know HOW old it is.

THEN there’s the ending. Bouncing back between past and present, we see the whole attack where killer grandpa / Hollowface get killed. All the while the daughter is unconscious suffering from anaphylactic shock (their words not mine). Dad tells unconscious daughter who hollow face is. she wakes up. Everything is better,

Yes. Really.

Where I found it: Netflix

How much I paid for it: 100 minutes

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