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Starring: Lots of Romanians.

Review in a nutshell: This one is a little slow, and NOT an action movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. First off, any vampire movie that doesn’t glorify the undead gets brownie points in my book. Secondly, it’s really a movie about how Romanians feel about communism and how the loss of traditions can be bad for you.

If the movie ended 30 minutes earlier I would have put it in the “not crap” category. But interesting as it was, it WAS slow AND dragged on a little longer than necessary. Go ahead and watch this one, then let me know what you think.

Where I found it: Netflix

How much I paid for it: Nada / 105 minutes of my life

Points of interest: Ever wonder what a real Romanian accent sounds like? Watch this movie.

The Money Shot: The movie endears itself to lovers of horror comedies right from the beginning… more Vampire movies need conga lines.

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