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Starring: Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and Father Guido Sarducci ( credited as Don Novello). There is also a cameo by the legendary Tom Waits.

Review: My crush on Val Kilmer when I saw Real Genius in the theater, so I had to turn this movie on. I had no idea what it was about and Netlix’s descriptions aren’t always accurate so I didn’t bother reading it until afterwards.

Netflix says: In this gothic horror film from Francis Ford Coppola, a has-been writer becomes embroiled in a murder mystery during a stop on his book tour.

And that IS true. Mostly. There’s a mystery. More than one in fact. The main one being what the hell Francis Ford Coppola was thinking. “All over the place” is an understatement. IMDB tells me he intended to conduct a live editing experiment… from what I saw that means creating a disjointed final product. We’ve got funny parts with the author trying to write. Dream sequences featuring long conversations with Edgar Allen Poe. Research into the aforementioned serial killer mystery. Angry Skype phone calls between the author and his wife. Fucked up conversations between the author and the insane local sheriff pitching his book idea…

The funny parts really made this movie watchable, but you had to endure the other bits to get to them. I wouldn’t watch it again. Not even for the scene with Val Kilmer talking to himself and doing a terrible Brando impression.

Where I found it: Netflix, duh

How much I paid for it: 88 minutes

Points of interest: For the most part this is a movie about an author having conversations in his dreams with Edgar Allen Poe and Poe is trying to help him solve the mystery, but in “reality” this is his latest book. Maybe. Who knows.

The Money Shot: Recognizing Father Guido Sarducci… Other than that it was pretty tame.

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