IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2105044/

Starring: People. Lots of people. Some even have pictures on their IMDB pages.

Review in a nutshell: I am shocked to be putting this in the Not Crap category. A friend told me this movie was better than expected and she did NOT LIE. I had kinda written off found footage as a one trick pony. It worked once for the Blair Witch Project.. on me at least. Not everybody. So yeah, it seems like some directors were relying on the found footage thing to provide the scary. Instead of writing good stories.

So anyway the people who created V/H/S created an anthology of stories using only found footage to connect them. And some of them clever, some were even a little scary. All of them were disturbing.

My one big complaint is the ratio of boob shots to well anything I find attractive on men. There was some full frontal make nudity of a dude bro that I needed to just die already. And for the most part the men who objectified women in these stories could not die fast enough in my opinion.

Where I found it: Netflix

How much I paid for it: 116 minutes that felt like much less

Points of interest: The overarcing storyline is about a bunch of jackasses who are the definition of “douchebag” looking for a VHS tape they were paid to steal. All the stories are tapes they’re watching.

The Money Shot: Each story has its own really. Some were jumpy, one just caught me by surprise.

My Favorite Line: No like?

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