Deep Space

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Starring: Ron Glass (Shepard Book from Firefly) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman) and Charles Napier (a character actor who has been in and/or done voice work for everything).

Review in a nutshell: The rubber suit monster has a head with a mouth and teeth, but also a stomach with mouth and teeth and tentacles. It also has arms and hands, but it prefers to shoot the tentacles out to drag people while they’re still kicking and screaming. Instead of using hands to say, knock them out. Apparently it only needs the mouth in it’s head to make noise. And it only uses hands for opening doors to warehouses that have no light fixtures.. oh except for that strobe light that kicks on occasionally. The sudden appearance of face hugger like critters and a complete recreation of the cat scene from Alien are probably not a coincidence.

There are a few Lovecraft references but not enough to make this count as Lovecraftian horror.

Where I found it: Netflix via a friend’s recommendation

How much I paid for it: 90 minutes of my life

My Favorite Line: When discussing whether or not guns are just an extension of a man’s genitalia Ron Glass says,“I’ll take all the extensions I can get.” He’s going to a special hell for this movie.

Points of interest: The writer / director of this film seems to have settled into a rewarding career of making movies about women losing their bikinis via supernatural forces.

The Money Shot: The hero’s dinner date gets ruined so he plays the bagpipes to get her into bed. He tells her that taking her clothes off is the only thing that will stop his playing. It works. This is perhaps the most realistic writing in the whole movie.

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