IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1398428/

Starring: Karl Urban and Lena Headly

Review in a nutshell: OMG! That was fucking awesome! Except for the rookie’s acting, and the sparkly slow motion action sequences.. but besides that it was a ton of fun. Karl Urban was angry and shot things. Lena Headly was evil and twisted and the character design and makeup for her was brilliant. And did I mention that there was shooting and explosions? Oh… um… You want to know what else the movie had? Plot.. no not much of that… Dialogue? Nope, not much there. Ridiculous over the top acts of violence? Yes, have some.

Where I found it: Xbox Video

How much I paid for it: Approx $5 / 95 minutes, but they were 95 awesome minutes.

Points of interest: Lena Headly’s teeth are GROSS. I was very impressed.

The Money Shot: Slow motion sparkly death fall.

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