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Starring: Starring Lance Henriksen, the first victim from The Blair Witch Project, and Francis from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Review in a nutshell: Ok, so this movie had a few interesting moments set in an incredibly overdone premise. New doctor arrives at an asylum and people start getting murdered. He starts talking to an odd patient in the ward for the criminally insane. (It’s dark dirty and has a raging fire at the end of the hall!) The odd patient suggests that the head doctor isn’t actually helping patients, and our hero decides to investigate. THEN he starts seeing ghosts, only to have the weird patient in the basement turn out to be one of his other personalities. Turns out our hero is actually the murderer taking revenge on the staff who treated him so badly many years ago. All ridiculous ghosts we keep seeing are just his hallucinations.
You might be sitting there thinking, “Hey! Didn’t she just watch this movie?” and you’d be right. This movie’s plot is REMARABLY similar to several other movies I’ve watched. Because it was billed as a haunted insane asylum, and I can’t NOT watch those. I’m a sucker for haunted insane asylum movies. They do absolutely nothing to help end the stigma of mental illness. Not to mention they LOVE to focus on schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder which the general public really doesn’t understand. Yet I still can’t stop myself.

Where I found it: Netflix, where all my crack comes from lately

How much I paid for it: 91 minutes

Points of interest: Several moments, like the Dungeon for the Criminally Insane, reminded me of Silence of the Lambs. However the masturbation in this movie is done by a hot nymphomaniac allowed to keep her door open.

The Money Shot: Did I mention that for some reason the resident nymphomaniac is allowed to keep her door open?

My Favorite Line: “C’mon! Hook a girl up!” ~ This quote is NOT related to the random inclusion of a nymphomaniac to the plot.

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